Diesel’s ‘A-Z of Dance’ is Competing With The ‘Move Your Lee’ Campaign

Diesel recently presented the ‘A-Z of Dance’, an energetic and vibrant video showcasing 26 world-famous dances.  

This Alphabet of Dance was created for Diesel by i-D Magazine and directed by Jacob Sutton. Shot on the streets and rooftops of LA, the video features world-class dancers performing the moves that made them famous. The A-Z of Dance presents some of the world’s favorite dance styles, ranging from a classic arabesque to a captivating rumba, and from the energetic east coast swing to some attention-grabbing twerking.

All the dancers in this video wear Jogg Jeans, Diesel’s new hybrid pants made from a combination of denim and jersey, with each dance move clearly showcasing the movement potential of the jeans.

The A-Z of Dance by Diesel

I believe Diesel has done a good job by introducing its Jogg Jeans with a genuinely compelling video. The ad has already been viewed a billion times and distinctly shows the benefits and characteristics of the product, including comfort, ease of movement, and style.

However, for me, the video is reminiscent of the ‘Move your Lee’ campaign. In 2012, Satisfaction Agency produced a poetic, dance-driven film for Lee that featured talented swimmers and dancers demonstrating the fluidity of movement that is possible with Lee Jeans without compromising on style or fit. More recently, for its Fall/Winter campaign, Lee also unveiled a new film within the same ‘Move your Lee’ concept, featuring dancers wearing Lee Jeans.

Although it could be argued that the style of the Diesel ad is different from the ethereal mood of the Lee campaign, with its A-Z of Dance film Diesel is communicating the same message as its competitor: freedom, creativity, style, and comfort. In my opinion, while Diesel’s beautiful shot dance video is undoubtedly a very good piece of advertising, it also presents a threat to its brand strategy. Diesel should differentiate itself from Lee by choosing a unique selling point and therefore a more distinctive and original communication message.

Move your Lee Fall/Winter Campaigns in 2012 and 2013

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