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Are you a branding expert looking to make a lasting impact in the industry? We invite you to join our vibrant community of contributors and share your knowledge with thousands of readers.

At The Branding Journal, we believe in the power of collective expertise. We have created a platform that allows branding professionals like you to showcase their skills, insights, and experiences through thought-provoking articles.

As a contributor, you’ll have the chance to inspire others, establish your authority in the field, and gain valuable exposure as a distinguished branding expert. If you’re interested, please review the requirements and fill out the application form below.

Type of content

As a potential contributor, your articles need to fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Opinion pieces related to branding: engaging, thought-provoking opinion pieces that reflect on branding industry news, dissect current trends, or explore unique branding concepts.
  2. In-depth branding case studies: that delve into your branding work, giving our audience an exclusive peek into the creative process that drives successful branding.

Commitments as an expert contributor

Before proceeding with your application, please review and commit to the following requirements:

  • Original content only: We value the authenticity and uniqueness of every article published on our site. Therefore, we require that all content be written by humans, avoiding the use of AI-generated text. Furthermore, articles published on our platform should not be republished elsewhere.
  • Minimum of two articles: We expect our contributors to be actively involved in our community. Therefore, we ask for a commitment to provide a minimum of two articles for publication.
  • Regular contributions preferred: To be featured on our dedicated author section, we encourage contributors to publish content on a regular basis. We recommend a regular publication frequency, although we can be flexible based on individual circumstances.
  • Voluntary contributions: Our platform relies on the voluntary contributions of passionate individuals. While we do not offer monetary compensation, we believe in fostering a collaborative environment where contributors can share their expertise and gain exposure.
  • Writing guidelines: To maintain consistency and readability, we have established writing guidelines. These include an article length between 800-2,000 words, avoiding complicated jargon, using concise sentences, and following an overall structure for case studies, which will be provided to you upon approval of your application.

What we can offer you

We believe in fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with our contributors. By joining our community, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Targeted audience: Our media platform focuses on branding, attracting a specialized audience interested in the latest industry insights and trends. Your articles will reach a relevant and engaged readership.
  • Visibility: Your articles will be published on our site. Readers will be able to explore your articles as an author, and learn more about your expertise. In addition, we will promote your articles through our social media channels and newsletters, increasing your reach and visibility.

Application process

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