What Are The Top Branding Agencies In The World?

This article aims to provide a list of some of the most prestigious branding agencies in the world. Of course, there are many more amazing agencies we still need to discover, and we will update the list over time.

Meanwhile, we hope this list will help future brand strategists find their perfect employer, but also brands find their perfect branding agency!

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Cities: Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

“We blend strategy, design & technology to co-create brands that are both brilliant and beautiful. We operate globally from our permanent HQ in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are happy to visit your offices wherever you are based, or to welcome you to ours.”

Blue Marlin


 Cities: Bath, London (United Kingdom) New York (USA), Singapore

“bluemarlin is an award-winning brand design consultancy with a diverse portfolio of clients from around the world. Our multi-disciplinary teams have been creating innovative solutions for over 20 years.”

Brand House


Cities: London (United Kingdom)

“Brandhouse is a Brand Agency – a brand consultancy and design agency both under one roof. Our approach makes brands emotionally distinctive, sets them apart from their competitors and drives sustainable growth.We give brands an Emotional Competitive Advantage.”



Cities: Cincinnati -Ohio, Chicago -Illinois (USA), Paris (France), Hong-Kong, Shanghai (China) Singapore.

“We are a brand equity design company. Brandimage is the result of a 2008 merger of Laga and Desgrippes Gobé. At the time laga, with over 60 years in business, was known as one of America’s top fast-moving consumer goods design and strategy consultancies. Desgrippes Gobé, founded in 1971, was known as a global leader in luxury branding and corporate identity design, and one of France’s most prestigious firms.”

Brand Me


Cities: London (United Kingdom)

“BrandMe is an independent brand and packaging design consultancy, which focuses on creating iconic brand personalities and designs. Over the past twenty years, our combination of brand strategy and design has shaped the success of many brands in the UK and internationally; brands designed to touch consumers’ hearts, sell and stand the test of time.
Whether it be brand repositioning, redesign or innovation, our team of experts provides a holistic, tailored and seamless service.”



 Cities: Melbourne (Australia), London (United Kingdom)

BrandOpus is a multi award-winning strategic design agency specialising in brands; creating identities, brand architecture and packaging. With a proven track record in all areas of brand design, we work with a multitude of clients ranging from small luxury brands through to global FMCG brands.

Cato Brand Partners

caterbrandpartners final

Cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast (Australia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Guangzhou (China), Jakarta (Indonesia), Guadalajara (Mexico), Wellington (New Zealand), Muscat (Oman), Lahore (Pakistan), Singapore, Madrid (Spain), Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

“Working in over 100 countries for over 40 years, we are a global branding company that deliver to our clients an unmistakable presence in the marketplace. Born of design driven by ideas, we create communications that allow us to transcend cultural and language boundaries and make business strategy visible, compelling, relevant and measurable.”

Coley Porter Bell


Cities: Worldwide presence (120 countries). Head Office: London (United Kingdom)

“Coley Porter Bell is a full-service brand design agency. Part of the Ogilvy & Mather group, we have 36 years experience of bringing fresh thinking to brands based on a deep understanding of consumers and markets. Our philosophy: Seduce the subconscious, and convince the conscious. We leverage neuroscience to create Beautifully Persuasive brands that grow.”




Cities: London (United Kingdom), New York (USA), Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Beijing (China), Singapore, Bogotá (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Geneva (Switzerland), Hamburg (Germany), Lima (Peru), Madrid (Spain), Melbourne (Australia), Mexico City (Mexico), Milan, Rome (Italy), Moscow (Russia), Paris (France), Santiago de Chile (Chile), São Paulo (Brasil), Sydney (Australia)

“We are the creative future company. Our job is to help you create the future for your brand and business. Future Brand is a leading international brand and design consultancy network that places strategic rigor and creative excellence right at its heart. With 25 offices worldwide FutureBrand has the bandwidth to identify consumer trends, product and service innovations that are taking place in real life and in real time around the world.”



 Cities: London (United Kingdom)

“We’re proud of our independence. With over 21 years of collaboration with British and international clients we have created a hybrid consultancy that combines the disciplines of brand strategy, innovation, graphic and structural design and realisation, all under one roof in central London, enabling us to deliver cohesive, compelling and meaningful ideas for our clients.”



Cities: Worldwide presence (31 offices in 27 countries). Head Office: New-York (USA)

“Interbrand is the world’s leading brand consultancy, with a network of 31 offices in 27 countries. Since it opened for business in 1974, it has changed the way the world sees branding: from just another word for “logo” to a business’ most valuable asset to business strategy brought to life. Publisher of the highly influential annual Best Global Brands ranking, Interbrand believes that brands have the power to change the world—and helps its clients achieve this goal every day. Interbrand is part of the Omnicom Group Inc. network of agencies.”



Cities: Shanghai (China), Paris (France)

“Labbrand is a leading China-originated global brand consultancy. For us, branding is not mysterious terminology. We demystify branding to build brand value.”



Cities: London (United Kingdom), Munich (Germany), Madrid (Spain), Prague (Czech Republic), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Bogota (Colombia), Mexico City (Mexico), São Paulo (Brasil)

“For forty years, Lambie-Nairn has been bringing brands to life that emotionally connect with audiences and deliver business success. Pioneers in the world of branding and identity, we’ve launched some of the biggest brands in the world, winning awards and redefining genres along the way.”

Landor Associates


Cities: Bangkok (Thailand), Beijing, Shanghai, (China), Cape Town (South Africa), New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Cincinnati (USA), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Geneva (Switzerland), Hamburg (Germany), Hanoi (Vietnam), Hong-Kong, Istambul (Turkey), Jakarta (Indonesia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), London (United Kingdom), Sydney, Melbourne (Australia), Mexico City (Mexico), Milan (Italy), Moscow (Russia), Mumbai (India),  Paris (France), São Paulo (Brasil), Seoul (Korea), Singapore, Tokyo (Japan)

“As a global leader in brand consulting and design, Landor helps clients create agile brands that thrive in today’s dynamic, disruptive marketplace. Our work enables top brands—from Barclays to BMW and Tide to Taj—to stand for something while never standing still.
Landor’s branding services include strategy and positioning, identity and design, brand architecture, innovation, naming and verbal branding, research and analytics, environments and experience, engagement and activation, and digital and social media. ”



Cities: New York, Boston, San Francisco (USA), Paris (France) London (United Kingdom), Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong ( SAR China), Seoul (South Korea).

Lippincott is a global creative consultancy. We bring to our clients’ toughest challenges the acumen, rigor and preparedness of a premier business consulting firm — and the spirit, courage and imagination of a world-class innovation and design agency. We build brands that emotionally connect, drive innovation that powers growth and shape culture for enduring impact. We’ve taken Starbucks beyond coffee, helped Delta achieve new heights and partnered with Samsung to disrupt new categories. We help leaders succeed on the edge of change.



Cities: Cincinnati, OH (USA) London (UK) Geneva (Switzerland) Singapore, Guangzhou (China)

“LPK is a global brand design agency that offers insights, strategy, creativity and innovation that extend across all touchpoints of the branding spectrum. Our ethos of design moves brands beyond just good to create something ownable, with a distinct emotional appeal that inspires loyalty among the people it touches. This approach helps brands discover their twist: the disruptive ideas that are anchored in people’s desires and relevant to their lives—the ideas that empower brands to reach for extraordinary”.


metadesign visible strategies

Cities: Beijing (China), Berlin, Düsseldorf (Germany), Genève, Zurich (Switzerland), San Francisco (USA)

“MetaDesign is a global branding firm with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. MetaDesign creates brand strategies, identity systems, and digital experiences for emerging businesses, cultural institutions, and global enterprises.
Our philosophy is simple: powerful ideas can create massive change. We collaborate with our clients to reimagine possibilities for their brand, and then develop design solutions rooted in strategy.”

Moving Brands


 Cities: London (United Kingdom), Zürich (Switzerland), New York, San Francisco (USA).

“Moving Brands is an independent, global creative company. We work with you to create new businesses, brands,
products and services.Our expertise is in: Branding and Communications, Experience Design, Business Design”

Saffron Brand Consultants


Cities: Madrid (Spain), London (United Kingdom), New York, Miami (USA), Istanbul (Turkey), Vienna (Austria), Mumbai (India), São Paulo (Brazil)

“Saffron is an independent global brand consultancy specialising in business transformation, brand strategy and design. The company has offices in Madrid,São Paulo, London, New York, Mumbai, Vienna and Istanbul. Led by Jacob Benbunan and Ian Stephens, Saffron works with global companies and institutions across a wide range of sectors including professional services, banking, retail, fashion, luxury, telecommunications, education, places and not for profit. Their philosophy? ‘Disruptive thinking for ambitious brands.’ 



Cities:  New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco (USA), London (United Kingdom), Shanghai (China), Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

“Siegel+Gale is the simplicity company. We seek it, defend it and embrace it in everything we do to help brands reach their true potential. Simplicity is the centerpiece of the strategies we develop that reveal the unique truths of an organization, the engaging stories we create that connect brands with their audiences and the meaningful experiences we deliver that are both unexpectedly fresh and remarkably clear.”

Start JG


Cities: London, Manchester (UK), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Hong Kong, Shangai (China)

“We are StartJG, The Multi-Channel Brand Agency™ . We’re an independent, integrated creative agency specialising in brand, environment and interaction design. Our multi-skilled team has expertise in traditional channels and pioneering new technologies, and includes creatives, designers, writers, strategists, programmers, producers and project managers – some of the best in the industry.
Founded in January 1996 and with offices in London, Dubai and Hong Kong, Start JG produces award winning and commercial successful work for adidas, Air Asia, BBC, Bentley, Barclays, Dubai Airports, Fred Perry, Jumeirah, MTS, P&G and Virgin”

The Brand Union


 Cities: Bangalore (India), Bangkok (Thailand), Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai,(China), Berlin, Hamburg (Germany), Cairo (Egypt), Cape Town, Johannesburg  (South Africa), Doha (Qatar), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Jakarta (Indonesia), London (United Kingdom), Madrid (Spain), Moscow (Russia), Mumbai (India), New-York (USA), Paris (France), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), São Paolo (Brasil), Seoul (Korea),  Singapore, Stockholm (Sweden)

“We are a global brand agency with deep expertise in brand strategy, design, interaction, brand management and employee engagement. 500 people. 23 offices. Every major market. We have been part of WPP group since 1986.”

Vivaldi Partners Group

Vivaldi Partners Group logo - grey

Cities: New York, Chicago (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Toronto (Canada) London (United Kingdom), Zürich (Switzerland), Munich, Hamburg (Germany), Singapore.

“Vivaldi Partners Group is a global brand strategy consulting firm that works with a wide variety of clients in several industries, including automotive/manufacturing, consumer products, food/beverage, retail, and travel/leisure. It unlocks innovation and growth opportunities for brands and businesses in a digitally connected world. Vivaldi Partners Group is comprised of Vivaldi Partners, Fifth Season, a design and digital brand-building agency, and E-Edge, its executive and leadership development firm.”

Wolff Olins

Cities: London (United Kingdom), New York, San Francisco (USA), Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

“We are creative partners for ambitious leaders who want to act on the opportunities that matter.We pit creativity against the big challenges in radically different and radically better ways. Our global teams of designers, strategists,technologists, programme managers and educators deliver deep, meaningful change across and beyond our clients’ organisations.
We partner long-term and work at pace to create better brands and better businesses.”

Last update: March 2017

Marion is the Founder of The Branding Journal. Her passion for strategic marketing made her create The Branding Journal - with the objective to offer an online platform to branding professionals.


  1. Hello Marion,
    Thank you for such excellent compilation of all the good brand agencies.

    • Hello Mak! Very happy you liked it and thank you for the feedback! Have a great day :)

  2. I suggest you Litmus branding, a leading Strategic Branding Agency based in India, provides branding services which includes croprate branding, logo design, brand identiry design and brand development.

  3. Hello Marion,

    Can you please elaborate why the following companies are not on the list:
    HCT - England
    AIA - US
    Pennebaker - US

    • Hi Akram, thanks for your comment! As stated in the article, there are many more great branding agencies we still need to discover. We will take into consideration your suggestions next time we update the list.

  4. Hi Marion, don't you think DRAGON ROUGE (global design & innovation agency) should be on the list ?

    • Hi Salientist, thanks for your comment.
      Dragon Rouge is a great agency, however we try to keep the focus on the ones that are specialized 100% on branding.

  5. I'm a new Denim brand in La ca. Is there one of these company's that will be good for my brand.

  6. Thanks for a great list. Is there a list of the Top 50 (or 20, or 100, or whatever) branding agencies by revenue?

    • Hey Gregg, thanks for your comment! Not yet, but we will think of it!

  7. Thanks for the great list. Please confirm if the above are brand consultants purely or also creative agencies

    • They are branding agencies, but some also offer other services within marketing.

  8. Hi MARION, I think in such an intense competitive environment where branding becomes the core of many businesses, each agency is trying to make itself the best one. It is really hard to list down the top agencies around the globe. Excellent work. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Marion, a great overview. Have you updated it this year?

  10. Hi Marion,

    Great list! Very helpful.

    I'm actually looking for a branding agency who specialise or have worked with beverage branding.

    I've contacted a few on your list, but if you've got any in mind, do let me know via my email.

  11. Collins in the U.S.?
    The Partners
    Johnson Banks

  12. Greetings Marion,

    Would like to share with you on a branding agency in Kenya,Africa.
    Kindly reach me on smgidraph@gmail.com

    Kind regards,
    Gidraph Mwangi

    • Hi Gipraph, you can contact us at hello@thebrandingjournal.com. Have a nice day!

  13. Hi Marion,
    That's a good list!
    Next time you're assessing branding agencies to update the list, there is a reputable one in Sydney, Australia called PERCEPT Brand Design. http://percept.com.au
    It's worth checking out.

  14. Hello,

    I would like to share brands consulting firm name, brands Academy is branding company. please add this company next time.


  15. Hi Marion, thanks for the list!
    I suggest you a very good Made in China branding agency: Creative Capital. www.creativecapital.com
    Their branding works have been shortlisted last year and this year on Asia Pacific Brand Transform Awards. 11 out of 12 projects got an award.


    I think it should be on your list.


  16. Awesome Marion thank you for this list it's really helpful.

  17. Amazing !!! I will join the Newsletter and subscribe to this Blog. Im located in Morocco and it's hard to find this type of information here.

  18. Hi Marion, great compilation. Is there a particular agency you would recommend for Proffessional Services, particularly law firm branding?.

    • Hey Luis, thank you so much for your comment! This is a very good question, unfortunately I don't know an agency that is specialised in this specific industry, however I am pretty confident that the majority of the agencies on the list are qualified to do so. I will consider your comment and come back to you if I hear of something like this. Have a great day!

  19. Hey Marion, I was in search of my competitors and came across this blog. I'd be interested in knowing what factors you might consider if we had to bring upon our branding agency, Om Infosolutions onto this list? :)

  20. Great list, thanks for sharing! How were they chosen? Just wondering why places like Pentagram, The Partners, Pearlfisher or Bulletproof didn't make the list? All great agencies. : )

  21. What a difficult task to select top branding agencies! There are so many of them.
    I agree on most of your choices Marion, even if I do believe than agencies such as Pentagram, Design Studio or even Anagrama deserve to be on that list. Beau travail !

    • Thanks for the suggestions Clement. We will consider them in our next update!

  22. I know a branding agency with great quality located in Indonesia. Used their service once, it was very pleasant to work together with them. Check their website here: http://dreambox.id/

  23. Hey Marion,

    there is Australia on the list, but not Austria. Huuuuge mistake! We do so great names here ;-))

    Thanks for the cool list!



  24. I suggest you Aayam, an emerging strategic branding and packaging design agency based in Gujarat, India which provides complete branding services such as brand identiry design, brochure design, packaging structural design, logo design, exhibition design, catalogue design, brand retail and interior design at best price.

  25. Hi Marion, thank you for posting this very interesting list.
    I am looking for a branding agency, small but successful in the fintech / banking sector. I know that small and banking may not go hand-in-hand, nevertheless I am looking for an agency that is on the verge of rapid growth, but still hungry enough to do what it takes to enhance its portfolio of successes in order to grow internationally in Europe. Any recommendations?
    Thank you.

  26. Hi, can you make a review for brand consultant in Indonesia? the top 3 would be : Milestone, Makki Makki and Brand Union. They're the best in the business

  27. From Indonesia, kindly check out Milestone Indonesia, Brand Union and DM ID Holland

  28. Kindly consider Milestone Integrated Marketing Solutions and Makki Makki as the best branding consultant and branding agency in Indonesia.
    Check out their website : www.milestone.co.id and www.makkimakki.com

  29. Hey hi, Its been great to see those list . Here i would like to suggest made in India branding Agecny in India Easton Media Pvt Ltd

    They have variety of Clients in India. I think this would be fit for your list

  30. Nice list Marion, from South East Asia - Indonesia i'd personally like to recommend Milestone Indonesia and Makki Makki as the two of the leading brand consultant or brand agency in Indonesia.
    thank you

  31. Helpful list to seek a brand agency or brand consultant. Thank you!

  32. Thank for the nice list of information.

    Best regards,

  33. I would wholeheartedly recommend Brand Union and Milestone Indonesia to any business who wants to take their brand to the next level in Indonesia.

  34. We are called, brandstudio
    Your brand architect

    A new set up, located in India, since January 2016.

    We help leverage your brand for business growth.
    We create branding and communication solutions, from concept to execution, from print to digital and new media.
    We have more than 10 clients, in 4 cities of India and servicing more than 6 industries.
    Write to us on samidha@brandstudio.co.in

  35. I highly recommended JOMIE - www.jomie.net . They drive excellent results for the customers.

  36. Hi Marion,

    I would say Fresh Mind Ideas, a strategic and creative branding agency.

  37. Hi Marion, Very useful list and summary......I have a new start up company. I have a clear idea of my target consumer, brand idea/concept but I need to find a good agency to work with to bring it to life and creating the brand story, visual identity, logo, and package design.....who would you recommend?

  38. Thank you very much for this overview!!
    In my opinion BrandTrust GmbH deserves a spot on the list. It's a strategic brand management consultancy and was recently ranked under the TOP 5 Marketing, Branding & Pricing consultancies in Germany by statista and brand eins along folks like BCG, Accenture and McKinsey

  39. Brand agencies tend to be very similar to advertising or creative agencies. Branding is based on building a long term profitable bond with customers, based on delivering economic, experiential and emotional value and backed up by everyday operational excellence. It may not be as glamorous as advertising and cool looking design but it's what builds brands. Fusionbrand, headquarted in Malaysia is developing brands from the inside out and doing it very successfully. You might want to reach out to them if you are in Asia and want to build a brand rather than embark on a creative driven exercise.

  40. Hi Marion,

    If you want to update this list and you need help, do contact me I would be glad to help you.

  41. Hi, @Marion,
    Thanks for sharing good list.

  42. I suggest you Daksha Digitas, a leading Branding Agency in India, offers branding services included corporate branding, logo design, brand identity design and brand development.

  43. Hi Marion, I would like to bring to your attention an interesting branding / digital agency in Italy: GBR Design www.gbrdesign.com

  44. Move !!!
    Move Branding in San Sebastián, Spain

  45. Hi Marion, this is a great article - very insightful and useful.
    Looking forward to a soon update.

  46. You might want to also consider https://www.brandinglosangeles.com/
    They've worked with a large number of clients in different industries! I've worked with them on separate occasions and am satisfied with results each time!

  47. Thanks Marion for your efforts, loved the read!

  48. Hi Marion,
    Thanks for sharing the list.

  49. Hi Marion, thanks for a great list! I would suggest www.evvivabrands.com - branding specialists with extensive global research experience

  50. Very good article and awesome list Marion.

  51. A very useful article. Branding holds such importance in any brand's success. Hope we will get to see new additions in this list. Thank you.

  52. I really appreciate the efforts you put into reviewing these useful resources. All of these advertising agencies are working with creativity.

  53. Hi Marion, thanks for the useful article. Is this list still updated? Many thanks and all the success!!

  54. What a wonderful list of the best branding companies!
    Being someone from a growing branding company, I always look forward to insightful articles.
    It's always
    Thank you for sharing such an informative blog.
    I will share with my friends too.

  55. Hey, nice article on Branding list with great information. salute for efforts. thanks.

  56. Nice article I suggest you Divine Monkey they are very creative as well.

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