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Burberry Reach Out To Their Customers In The Digital Space Through SnapChat

Burberry uses snapcode to let instore shopper’s access behind the scenes snapchat content. Not a first for Burberry but a first for any brand to tap into the highly popular snapchat revolution, by using snapcode on their products.  Allowing in-store customers to access exclusive content from the brand in a creative launch of their new male fragrance.

1) Tactic

Launched on April 4th the new fragrance for men, Mr Burberry, needed a campaign to make it stand out from the rest (don’t they all), to make it different, unique and above all immediately popular with their target market.

Tapping into the digital space for brands can always throw up some challenges but if executed correctly can create what Burberry have experienced, a great marketing campaign.

Using a snapcode on their new fragrance bottles, once this is scanned by a shopper it will take them to a cleverly created channel on snapchat.

2) The consumer

This modern campaign, really places Burberry in a perfect position with their target market as most popular in the digital space is apps such as snapchat (and of course Facebook and Instagram).

For the shoppers browsing, they get to take something away as the content on Snapchat’s Discover Channel is available for 24 hours and further content relating to the brand available for 2 months.  The snapchat will include style and fragrance content as well as tailoring and grooming tips.

There is also some behind the scenes content for those who are interested in finding out a little bit more about what the brand has to offer.

3) Taking it further

The snapchat brand success doesn’t stop there.  Reported in Marketing Week, from the 25th April the brand will also be displaying scent-dispensing posters in Knightsbridge, London, which will spray the fragrance directly onto the user’s wrist when inserted underneath the sensor.

Continuing with use the technology now available, customers will also be able to personalise their Mr. Burberry bottle through a monogramming service and of course have the ability to share this on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

4) A branding campaign at its best

Burberry have a simple and elegant brand architecture and to launch something “new”, their creative has to be something special.  They’ve achieved this by utilising the digital space and making it appropriate to them.

Not only that, but having the channel available for 2 months after a consumer has first scanned the snapcode is great for remembering the brand and creating a stronger association between brand and consumer.

References:  Marketing WeekThe Drum
Pictures From:  Marketing Week

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