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Organic Valley Launch New Campaign To Show What We Really Have Time For In The Morning

Many of us like to think we’re living the dream, until reality kicks in and we realise real life is not like what you see on TV.  Focusing on this theory Organic Valley are placing their brand in the perfect position, with their new advertising campaign showing what women really have time for in the morning (of course whilst also promoting their healthy shakes).

1) Behind Organic Valley’s campaign

We’ve all seen them, the adverts that show women waking up at the crack of dawn to go swimming, quick jog or a doing spot of yoga, stress free, fuelled and ready to face the day head on.

The reality is probably nothing like the above and Organic Valley are using this to support their marketing campaign.  They want to show what they believe to be the “reality” and they’ve even carried out research to help support their claims.


2) Results speak for themselves

What Organic Valley have dubbed as “the real morning” report, shows information based on some original research conducted in America on behalf of the brand.

Some of the information looked at the fact that women rate doing their hair, make-up and showering as more important than having breakfast!

Questions were also put online to find out such things like, ‘how often we check our emails before getting out of bed’ (guilty as charged) and ‘have you ever eaten breakfast in a moving vehicle?”

3) Branding to their audience

Organic Valley used this information and got to work and positioned their brand in just the right place with a 90 second humorous spot to show their findings.  The main one being that no, we do not all wake up blessed that it is Monday morning again, and we’re certainly not all fresh and perfectly made up by the time we reach the end of the week.

Speaking to Adweek, Nicole Mydy, Innovation Manager at Organic Valley commented “There seems to be a growing disconnect between the perfect way women’s lives are portrayed on social media and in many commercials, and what our busy, hectic lives really look like,”

“Like most women in commercials, I love to start each day doing yoga in my underwear,” one woman says in the ad. In reality, what women do have time for—and no, it’s not crow pose or fermenting your own small-batch kombucha—is a quick and easy breakfast in the form of a protein shake.

4) A brand campaign we can all relate to

Women around the world can all relate to the stresses of sometimes getting out of the house in one piece.  What Organic Valley have done is tap into this reality and used it to their benefit.  They’re able to promote their products using a very simple campaign strategy.

For the brand this is a great way for them to create a ‘community’ feeling, as they encourage others to share their crazy morning routine, to show that people aren’t alone and that in fact you’re probably with the majority.

Whilst encouraging their healthy morning shakes, it plays on peoples instincts and inner feelings – yes I may not be up in time to do yoga, but I have had a healthy shake to kick start my day.  In one sense, great subliminal messaging from Organic Valley.

References:  Adweek
Pictures From:  Adweek

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