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Name Change and Rebrand for Jaguar Land Rover Heritage

Jaguar Land Rover rebrands and renames its Heritage business to Jaguar Land Rover Classic in a bid to stay “current” with their target audience and position itself as the number 1 in the classic car market.

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Keeping it Classic


The Jaguar Land Rover brand is well-known, well-respected, and hard to change.

But the brand needed to move on, be re-developed, and sit within the Land Rover “family” to hold all of the richness the current brand stood for, whilst showing a more mature and experienced approach to this sector.

When the creative team has re-branded this element they’ve kept it simple.  They wanted to show a clear appreciation for their classic cars and a loyalty towards the owners of these types of models.

Their aim? To emphasize prestige, loyalty, and uniqueness.

Why Change

Just because cars become classics doesn’t mean their branding does.  In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s important for companies to look for different opportunities and niches in which they can capitalize on and capitalize on quickly.

Jaguar Land Rover has positioned itself to accommodate the need and demand for the classic car sector.

However, it’s not all change. The classic brand will still provide cars, services, parts, and experiences to the owners of classic models or those with an interest in the automaker’s classic models.

But they are enhancing their brand by using their reputation to be able to offer extended services that others cannot, such as providing a catalog of classic car parts, which have not been manufactured for decades.

Focused Business Strategy

This is an extremely focused business strategy and, in some respects, a strict one regarding creativity. Why? They’re building on their name and current brand stature and simply evolving this to better suit the current market. The brand architecture for this piece of work will be stringent and will sit under the hierarchy of the bigger Land Rover brand.

This level of consistency will allow the brand to change how people in this sector view and appreciate the company’s offer.  It also sits more favorably with the 21st century without compromising on the premium look and feel of the overall brand image.

Driving Toward Success


For a structured creative, this is every marketing team’s dream. To know exactly where your brand sits in the hierarchy, the architecture it is to follow, and how to position advertising, TV ads, banners, logos, etc.

For the brand in this sector… I would say it’s also a success. They’re using the brand’s strong heritage wisely while modernizing it and focusing on what they really want to offer and provide.

Quoted in Luxury Daily, Tim Hannig, Director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic, comments, “Renaming the rapidly growing global business to Jaguar Land Rover Classic best reflects the division’s overall capabilities in providing the best cars, services, parts and experiences for our customers. We aim to build an even more successful future by celebrating and nurturing Jaguar and Land Rover’s past.”


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