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The Packaging Revolution: 4 Innovative Materials and Concepts

The magic of the discovery, that couple of seconds of excitement while unwrapping a newly purchased product, makes us love the special experience. But faster than we think the packaging ends up in the trash. Product packaging today starts its journey to redeem its value and becomes much more than the silent salesman. 

Today, customers and suppliers are more and more sensitive to the role and use of packaging. By reducing waste or boosting efficiency, packaging designers are finding new ways to produce innovative materials and strategies. Thinking inside and outside the box allows them to eliminate old technics and materials, while embracing innovative technology in the quest to reduce unnecessary packaging, or offer creative and practical packaging designs.

Here are 4 amazing new innovative materials & concepts :

1) Gogol Mogol Egg Cooking Packaging

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The Packaging Solution: A container and cooking device in just one package!

The unique innovation has a double role – the packaging is both a container and a preparation device. When you remove the protective string you activate a substance inside the packaging that heats the egg – transforming it in a tasty, fresh breakfast.
Click here for more information about the packaging design. 

2) Taste No Waste® Project

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Food Nest Series : Large group tomato-based crunchy bowl for sharing.
Food Nest Series : Large group tomato-based crunchy bowl for sharing.

The Packaging Solution: Using food as the packaging material

The Taste No Waste Project helps us learn about how to use food as a sustainable innovative material. It generates a meaningful experience – where the packaging changes his well-known role.

“The Food Nest series explores the concept of edible containers, either hand-sized for single portions – or in larger nests for sharing with others.”

Designed by Diane Leclair Bisson. Click here for more information about the project. 

3) The 360 Paper Bottle 4_New_Amazing_Packaging_Materials_and_Concepts_The_Branding_Journal_1 4_New_Amazing_Packaging_Materials_and_Concepts_The_Branding_Journal_2 4_New_Amazing_Packaging_Materials_and_Concepts_The_Branding_Journal_3

The Packaging Solution: Using paper for water bottle packaging

The 360 Paper Bottle is an eco-friendly solution that resolves the problem of plastic water bottles waste. BrandImage managed to create the first paper water bottle in the world by branding, prototyping, designing the product & engineering the revolutionary concept.

“The 360 Paper Water Bottle utilizes sustainable sheet stock made of bamboo, palm leaves, and other natural plants which is pressed into 2 halves to encapsulate a micro-thin PLA film that provides liquid/O2 barrier. PLA stands for poly-lactic acid, which is highly degradable. The bottle top, which incorporates a sanitary plug to reseal the bottle, is torn off at the top. Once the plug is removed the torn paper stays tethered to the bottle to eliminate litter.”

Designed by BrandImage. Click here for more information about the design.

4) Clean the Ocean

4_New_Amazing_Packaging_Materials_and_Concepts_The_Branding_Journal_6 4_New_Amazing_Packaging_Materials_and_Concepts_The_Branding_Journal_7

The Packaging Solution: Using porcelain packaging instead of plastic for cleaning products

The Clean Ocean Project wants to remove plastic waste, save the ocean, and raise awareness about the marine ecosystem and its amazing wonders. Korefe created this unique eco-friendly packaging using porcelain as a main material, rather than plastic. The containers can also be used as vases when empty. The project brings elegance to the product and a new perspective in an over saturated market loaded with plastic colorful packages.
Designed by KorefeClick here for more information about the project. 

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  1. Sign me up. The world has so much to say and do to fix this problem. I’ll do my part. After I saw a whale in our ocean who died from starvation and much more because of plastic, I was saddened and furious at the same time when we can take a telephone and turn it into internet magic, and put a man on the moon. We have to kill and live in our own waste. Discusting. I’m retirement age and maybe have time to help change it. It’s our duty.

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