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Different roles in a branding agency

There are a number of positions within a branding agency.  Finding the right fit for you can be about finding out where your passion lies.  All roles have an important and specific function but together they all have the same responsibility when it comes to protecting and growing a brand.

If your passion is to work in the creative arena its worth exploring all of the options available.

Client oriented roles

  1. Account Director

This is the person who is the link between the creative team and the client.  They’re responsible for:

  • Leading a team to provide the utmost level of client service
  • Promoting the expansion of business with existing clients
  • Working with other senior managers to generate new accounts
  • Using their skills to push clients, and the agency, creatively and strategically.
  1. Account Manager

An account manager will work closely with the client on a day to day basis.  They will make sure work is relayed to the creative team as well as making sure it gets back to the client on time.  A creative head, providing innovative solutions and being able to see the bigger picture when it comes to the clients brand is what is important in this role.

  1. Account Executive

The account executive looks after all of the day-to-day coordination within the account team.  They are also the person who acts as the main point of contact for the client.

Creative/Design roles

  1. Creative Director

This role has the overall responsibility for the quality of final creative work.  Guiding a team of creative employees and having a vision for brands and their creative campaign concepts.  It is also the creative director’s responsibility to make sure that a brands values and messaging are displayed and come through in the artwork.

  1. Art Director

Responsible for the visual output of all of the work.  Overseeing all of the creative process and work before it reaches the client.  A good multi-tasker and someone who generally is very style and trend aware.

  1. Design Director

The design director oversees the design of branding and advertising for the client.  They are responsible for making sure that it meets the client’s requirements and also the image that they want to promote for their company/product.

  1. Designer

It has come to many people’s attention that there is actually a lot of ambiguity around the word “designer” due to its increasing popularity.  It does cover a wide spectrum of tasks and can range from logo design to digital, packaging, or graphic design, to campaign input.

  1. Copywriter

Highly creative and has a way with words.  Will work with the Art Director on campaigns and visuals to make sure that the copy reflects the design and vice versa.

  1. Photographer/Audio Visual Producer

Passionate, knows which image tells the story. Some agencies work with external photographers and audio visual producers.

Strategic roles

  1. Brand Strategist/Planner

Aims to ensure consistent and effective brand message through research, analysis and market data trends.  Providing reports on future growth areas as well as consumer data and information.

Don’t forget digital!

  1. Head of digital/ Digital Strategist/Developer/ Web Developer

Increasing in importance as the digital world starts to take over when it comes to marketing communications and brand messaging.  Making sure that the campaigns and advertising can also be pulled through and used online is vitally important.  Knowing what works online and what doesn’t is needed when it comes to campaign ideas.


It’s important to remember that every agency is different and every internal brand/marketing team is different.  Everyone has their own roles which they feel meet the needs of their organisation and also their clients.  These roles vary when it comes to responsibilities and sometimes the title does not serve the job justice, in terms of what that person actually does.

To work in a branding agency you have to find something you enjoy, something which not only suits your skill set but also suits your personality.  Personally, I think a branding agency or marketing department is one of the most exciting teams to be part of, due to the variety and impact you can have.  Of course I am completely biased!

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