Would You Get a Reebok Tattoo in Exchange for Free Products?

A few months ago we introduced you to the new Reebok logo. Today, Reebok is offering you the chance to tattoo the logo on your body in exchange for products!

So, it seems that Reebok have decided to combine the two signification of the word ‘branding’, as shown below, in their new extravagant campaign, “Reebok Forever” in Sweden!

To Brand [Verb] (Branding [As a Noun])
1. Mark with a branding iron
2. The promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.
Definition from Oxford Dictionaries

The new campaign aims to target committed CrossFit practitioners, which the brand has put at the center of its marketing strategy. The adoption of the CrossFit delta logo for its entire business line a few months ago, symbolized a shift from focusing on professional sports to the hardcore amateur.

On its website the brand explains the terms, of the campaign:

“The top prize is a yearlong fitness packed sponsorship with Reebok worth 40,000 SEK ($5,805). And no one will go home empty-handed; everyone who gets the tattoo at the Reebok and Salong Betong booth at Tough Viking receives a complete fitness kit from Reebok to a value of 5,000 SEK ($725).”

Customers who agree to tattoo Reebok’s logo on their body will have to meet the brand on August 30th, 2014 in Stockholm.

This is both a very creative and surprising initiative from Reebok: the act of tattooing something on one’s body has a very strong meaning. By accepting this challenge, people will prove their permanent desire to belong to Reebok’s Crossfit universe and community.

“At Reebok, we live and breathe fitness. It’s not just a diet, a trend or a quick fix – for us it’s forever. But how strong is your bond to fitness? Now is your time to show it”

The tagline also sums up the philosophy: “Pain is temporary. Reebok is forever.” Although the message of the brand is very clear and relevant to its brand strategy, I believe this kind of campaign has its risks (possibility of health complications, tattoo design problems, customer complaints, controversy). Moreover, one can wonder if the $725 is really worth a brand’s tattoo for life…

In any case, if Reebok’s marketing team manages to get consumers to tattoo the company’s logo for life, then their brand strategy will have proven to be effective, by bringing loyal customers for life!

What do you think of this brand campaign?
Would you get a tattoo from your favorite brand in exchange for free products?

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Pictures from: Adweek

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