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Hermès Presents Its New Collection of Hats through Poetry

Luxury fashion house Hermès recently unveiled a beautiful campaign that elegantly presents its Spring/Summer 2014 collection of hats on its website “Les Ailes d’Hermès”.

On the website Les Ailes d’Hermès, which means “The Wings of Hermès”, website, the French luxury house introduces its collection of Spring/Summer 2014 hats with poems.

Each one of the hats is presented next to a love poem written by some of the most famous French poets, including Verlaine, Baudelaire and Apollinaire amongst others.

hermès_presents_its_new_collection_oh_hats_with_poetry_methamorphosis_campaign_1 hermès_presents_its_new_collection_oh_hats_with_poetry_methamorphosis_campaign_2 hermès_presents_its_new_collection_oh_hats_with_poetry_methamorphosis_campaign_3 hermès_presents_its_new_collection_oh_hats_with_poetry_methamorphosis_campaign_4 hermès_presents_its_new_collection_oh_hats_with_poetry_methamorphosis_campaign_5 hermès_presents_its_new_collection_oh_hats_with_poetry_methamorphosis_campaign_6

See the translation of the poems on the English version of the site: https://lesailes.hermes.com/gb/en/en

The campaign fits beautifully with Hermès’ latest advertisements, which follow the theme of the 2014 campaign entitled Metamorphoses. The surreal campaign presents its Spring/Summer 2014 collection by combining the aesthetics of nature with luxury fashion.

The exoticism of the hat campaign is in accordance with Hermès’ latest video, La Métamorphose, a visual handmade poem imagined by Montreal-based studio Vallée Duhamel, and an ode to exoticism. A must see!


Finally, the combination of exotically-printed hats, nature and beautiful poetry is also reminiscent of the images used in Hermès’ latest print campaign, which features models wearing clothes that are presented in harmony with their natural and exotic surroundings.

hermes_spring_2014_campaign_print_methamorphosis_1 hermes_spring_2014_campaign_print_methamorphosis_2 hermes_spring_2014_campaign_print_methamorphosis_3 hermes_spring_2014_campaign_print_methamorphosis_4 hermes_spring_2014_campaign_print_methamorphosis_5

References: Les ailes d’Hermès, La mode et la pub, My Digital Luxury Galaxy, Yatzer

Pictures from: La mode et la pub, Agent of Style

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