Product Innovation: Lexus Officially Unveils Its Slide Hoverboard

Let’s talk about some great product innovation today. After a series of teasers, Lexus has finally unveiled its new SLIDE! The Japanese automotive manufacturer’s project explores a new form of motion by launching a sort of flying skateboard!


How does it work?

“It works using an extreme version of the way two magnets repulse one another if they’re aligned correctly. Inside the board is a superconductor, which generates an intense magnetic field when extremely cold”, explains NBC news. “Give it a supply of liquid nitrogen and it floats happily above an opposing magnet — not regular pavement or dirt, though.”

Why is it good branding?

The prototype was created as  part of the group’s “Amazing in Motion” project to showcase Lexus’ creativity and innovation expertise, but we don’t know if they plan to sell it to individuals in the future. It mostly serves as a unique marketing opportunity to demonstrate what the brand is capable of, but also to prove that “amazing in motion” is actually not just a slogan, it is the reality.

References: Hype Beast, NBC News, Digital Trends
Pictures from: Digital Trends

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