Tens Sunglasses: The Real Life Instagram Photo Filter

Tens is a new line of sunglasses designed to be like Instagram filters for real life. Today, the start-up, which was created by a group of photographers and filmmakers, has raised over 2700% of the anticipated funding total after receiving an impressive amount of pre-orders from all over the world!

At The Branding Journal, we love great examples of start-up success stories. It is always interesting to see what new product or service is willing to seduce a large amount of consumers, and how companies manage to create a successful brand from scratch. Let’s have a closer look at what this new Edinburgh-based company is offering:

The concept:

Tens was recently founded by Marty, Kris & Tom, three Edinburgh-based specialists in photography and filmmaking.  They were looking for a way to apply the color filters used in photo and video to real life: what if there was a way to filter everything we see without the use of technology and make it look more beautiful? And so, the concept of Tens was born.

As the Indigogo page states, “It’s taken us almost three years to achieve the perfect lens. We promise that the Tens lens is like no other, it will truly make your day look ten times better.”

After a laborious design and testing process, the trio teamed up with a manufacturer willing to produce the sunglasses and started raising money via crowd-funding platform Indiegogo. In less than two hours, the start-up managed to raise their £9,400 Indiegogo goal and have now reached more than 2700% of their initial goal with a total of £256,986!






Judging from this initial response, Tens sunglasses were a golden idea waiting to happen!

The product:

At the moment Tens Sunglasses just offer one model called ‘The Classic’ which is available at a special Indiegogo launch price of £36  ($60) with free worldwide postage.

Tens are available in a unisex fit and come in 4 matte colors. “It’s made from a durable, adventure-proof acetate and features a strong 5-tooth hinge”, explains the website.

“The lens features UV400 protection, blocking 100% of harmful rays. Made from a CR-39 plastic polymer, the lens is scratch resistant – holding up to the rigors of everyday life”,  as cited in Indiegogo.



tens_sunglasses_filter_instagram_1 tens_sunglasses_filter_instagram_1

Why does it work?

Instagram fans know how choosing the right filter can turn the simplest photo into a beautiful retro-style image that evokes the long lazy days of summer. But how about seeing that way in real life? Tens work like an Instagram filter for your eyes by working with the warmth of the sun to add an uplifting tint to your world.

With the continuing love for vintage products and ever-growing popularity for photo sharing, Tens is responding to the worldwide need for beautiful retro visuals. By capitalizing on the popularity of Instagram, the sunglasses offer lovers of the site a way to add a warm Instagram-style filter to their world, away from the constraints of technology, which those who don’t use the site can also appreciate.

Stylistically, the sunglasses are reminiscent of the iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarers, and are likely to seduce a large range of people, from men to women and from all ages. The price is also very low for a pair of fully protective sunglasses that offer the unique touch of a real-life photo filter.

Finally, at this time no other company offered this type of product. Tens sunglasses are entering a blue ocean where no one else is competing. This simple but creative product allows people to simply enjoy their life and see things in a different way without the need to be connected. When we are used to looking at screens all day long, it is not a surprise we want to experience the same benefits in real life too.

tens_sunglasses_filter_instagram_5 tens_sunglasses_filter_instagram_3

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