Reinvigorating The Brand Story of Tahiti

The cosmetic branding of the Islands of Tahiti has been seen as an important milestone to build future opportunities for the people of Tahiti. For the Islands of Tahiti a new nation brand was to be created.  An opportunity to show a different side to the Islands, increase tourism and invigorate the luxurious destination hot spot.

Working with creative company, FutureBrand, the aim was to “share a fresh, compelling story for the Islands of Tahiti”.

1) The branding objective

Tahiti Tourisme North America is embarking on a new global advertising and branding campaign.  In an attempt to show the many sides of the Islands of Tahiti.

Hence, the aim of this branding strategy is to build awareness and reinforce the Islands culture.  To bring it to life and for there to be an outlet for the people of Tahiti to tell their story.


2) The creative concept “Embraced by Mana”

Introducing the concept of Mana, which is believed to be the life force and spirit that surrounds and connects all living things, the campaign hopes to bring Tahiti to life.

The brand messaging to be promoted will look to show a culturally rich and authentic destination.  Of course, coupled with the private world-class experiences, travellers are now seeking.

Most noteworthy, the campaign “showcases the duality and diversity of the destination”.  Speaking to PR Newswire, Jonathan Reap, Managing Director, for Tahiti Tourisme commented: “‘Embraced by Mana,’ sets the stage to unveil the rich stories of our people, our culture and our heritage; to build on the destination’s iconic scenery and the well-known brand names such as Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora.”

“In addition to the privacy and luxury that our destination has to offer.  We have a strong, diverse culture and history which is best described through Mana, which is something you experience in our islands. Mana is in all living things, especially in the hearts and souls of the Tahitian people. Once a visitor explores our islands, meets locals and experiences the destination, they will understand Mana”

3) The visual brand identity

What FutureBrand is looking to create is a uniquely Tahitian experience.  One of beauty and its diverse attributes, traditions and textures.  Almost an Island packaged up in a brand wrapping paper – unpeeling each layer to reveal something interesting and new.

For FutureBrand the look and feel of the brand was simple.  Highlight what Tahiti has to offer.  Therefore, the visual identity system being developed, incorporates patterns and symbols from iconic plants and flowers.  These items in particular are found across the 5 archipelagos in the Islands of Tahiti.




4) Branding a country: the need to be different

Consequently, it is now recognised that it’s not just a tangible product that needs to distinguish itself as different from its competitors.  It is also countries.

The strategic approach developed by Tahiti Tourisme shows how they have recognised this need to be different.  And as a result have created a unique brand.  Which has helped to differentiate the Islands of Tahiti from other competitive destinations around the world.

The campaign is planned to roll out across print and digital channels in the North American market as well as worldwide, over the next few months.


5) The results:

Finally, FutureBrand reported that the result of their work did see an increase in global visitation of 10% during 2014-2015.  This helped Tahiti Tourisme to reach their target of 180,000 visitors per year.  As the brand continues to establish itself and the views and the sentiments of the Tahiti people are shared, it is hoped that it can continue to achieve its stated objectives and bring a sense of vigour back to the Islands!

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Pictures from:  PR Newswire, Future Brand

  1. Tahiti Tourisme North America is embarking on a new global advertising and branding campaign. In an attempt to show the many sides of the Islands of Tahiti.

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