Samsung to Attack Apple iPhone with its Secret Tool

Samsung is planning to give a strong competition to the giant Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone 8 with its new flagship device Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung is all ready to commence its war by launching its S8 device into the smartphone market. In order to attack the giant software firm, it has reportedly discovered a plan. Using the plan, the South Korean Company could easily attack the weakness of Apple Company. But, as per the recent reports, the company is likely to launch the flagship device so far than expected.

In the new statement from Reuters, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comprises of a new artificial intelligence digital assistant namely Bixby. Samsung acquired Viv Labs sometime ago that previously worked for the creation of Apple Siri voice digital assistant. Earlier, the co-creator of Siri namely Dag Kittlaus owned this Viv Labs Company. Earlier, the co-creator of Siri worked in the development of various 3rd party applications and other services.

New Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Specs and Features:

According to the executive Vice President of Samsung, Rhee Injong, all the services attach and upload to the agent of Samsung. He also made an announcement that some of the additional services augment to the device. According to the latest reports, the company is seeking to spread its voice assistant services to various wearable devices of Samsung and other electronic appliances. Earlier, in the month of October, Samsung acquired Viv Labs in order to develop great virtual digital assistant than the Apple’s Siri digital assistant.

As per the reports from The Wall Street Journal, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is likely to have a button so as to launch the digital assistant. However, the prototype sources have not yet confirmed by the official sources of Samsung Company. As per the speculations, the device allegedly includes a button that appears on the edge of the smartphone.

Originally, the company made an announcement that the Samsung Galaxy S8 device launches at the popular Mobile World Congress in the month of February. But, later the company pushed the official launch of Samsung S8 sometime in the month of April. The tech giant Apple not expected to unveil its much-awaited iPhone 8 till the month of September 2017. In such a case, Samsung need to wait for more number of months so as to acquire the prominence like Apple. As of now, numerous rumours and speculations regarding the Apple iPhone 8 are spreading across the web in a rapid way. It would be quite difficult for the company to stand out before Apple Company’s iPhone 8 if there is no Viv-powered digital assistant for Samsung Galaxy S8 device.

In order to make use of various services offered by Google, most of the consumers purchase different Samsung’s Android devices. Instead of using the services offered by Samsung, Greengart mentioned that it uses the services offered by Google. However, we need to wait till the official announcement from the South Korean Company for the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 device into the smartphone market.

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